Robust one-box product search for e-commerce

Increase online store revenue and conversion
with Detectum perceptive product search suite

Detectum one-box product search is a smart e-commerce search solution. It is packed with useful options that are vital for great shopping experience: query autocomplete, facet filters, and self-learning ranking make store search a powerful sales tool. Site visitors get to see the products of their choice faster and, therefore, are more likely to order. Detectum eliminates friction for search users and immediately pays for itself with increased e-commerce conversion rate and a significant additional revenue.

Our product search is purposely built to provide fast and relevant results for all natural language queries. End users don't need to be experts in the subject matter — they are getting a simple way of interacting with a complex product catalog. Detectum cloud based search performs spelling correction, automatically learns synonyms, identifies brands and other parameters, making your store the most relevant place for any shopper.

Find out more about Detectum unique features:

  • Query structure
  • Spelling correction
    and synonyms
  • Multiple parameter
  • Measure units
    and dimensions
  • Query auto-complete
    in the search box
  • Grouping results
    by category
  • Self-learning
    product ranking
  • Faceted search

Detectum takes natural language single box search query
and extends it transparently for the user.

Query structure detection

Automatic generation of synonyms based on
product properties definitions and user requests
with manual correction mechanisms.

Automatic synonyms and typos correction

Multiple search criteria: brands, colors, categories, sizes.

Detectum store search can use multiple parameters

Number parameters with measure units conversion
Approximate matches are allowed.

Detectum store search uses numbers with units

Search auto-complete is lightning fast
helps query formulation and saves key strokes.

Detectum store search with auto-complete

Grouping results by category
eliminates mixing heterogeneous items

Detectum product search grouping results by category

Two-tired product ranking
Optimized by machine learning algorithms
based on user clicks and purchases history.

Detectum store search with multi-factor product ranking

Automatic facet filters for a given set of results.

Detectum faceted search with filters for brand, size, color etc.

Fix the site search to quickly increase online sales by 20%

Detectum API delivers high-end search performance and scalability for any website or mobile app. Integration process is easy but can take few days depending on ecommerce platform, site redesign is not required. Machine learning allows to continuously improve results as users interact with the system. Relevant results are complimented by convenient filters, facets and sorting options. Query auto-complete is always included with the search service. Additionally, you get the detailed analytics and useful reporting tools for queries entered on your site. All at a fraction of a cost of a single web developer on staff.

Detectum one-box product search will make any online store immediately more profitable and drive up revenue/conversion rate significantly

Sign up and take your customers
to a new level of shopping experience
Detectum store search best works with:

  1. Product list with params in XML format
  2. A prior site search query log

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About our team:

Detectum is a private start-up founded by a group of developers. Our team is spread out across three different locations in Russia and Germany. We are experienced in providing high load search services with commitment to strict SLA.
Detectum store search is installed at several Russian e-commerce sites, while English version is currently in beta.
Our business model is based on performance and sharing incremental revenue received by a client from using the solution.


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