• Founded by ex-Yandex developers in 2014, Detectum provides search and ranking services for 15 retailers in several industry verticals
  • Offers comprehensive site search solution for e-commerce players with complex product bases of more than 20K items and custom pricing/product availability structure spanning multiple regions
  • Our business model is based on sharing incremental revenue received by an online store from using the site search solution
  • Detectum site search is a great investment that allows our clients to rapidly improve customer conversion and retention rates

Our clients:

moyo.ua samsungshop.com.ua
Respublica Eduki
Твой дом Евродом
Elyts Pharmacosmetica
Дочки Сыночки Mothercare MyToys

Our team

Detectum is a private start-up founded by a group of developers. Our team is spread out across three different locations in Russia and Germany. We are experienced in providing high load search services with commitment to strict SLA. Detectum store search currently supports English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages and is installed at several e-commerce sites.